Bill 229 An Act to implement Budget measures and to enact, amend and repeal various statutes - December 1, 2020 
Our response to Ontario's Bill 229 approves measures to ease regulatory burdens, support more online transactions, and allow more consumer-focused products and services.

FSRA Proposed 2021-22 Statement of Priorities - November 3, 2020
Our submission approves FSRA’s continuing moves toward more principle-based approaches. We call on FSRA to streamline processes and support a more competitive marketplace for customers.

FSRA Service Standards Consultation - October 23, 2020
Our response encourages FSRA to move quickly towards meeting its proposed standards for timely processing of individual agents’ licence applications and renewals.

FSRA Common Approach to Treating Customers Fairly - October 22, 2020
Our submission emphasizes the importance of Canada-wide harmonization so that standards are easy for insurers to understand and implement.

Insurance Council of BC Continuing Education Guidelines – Program for General Insurance Agents and Salespersons – July 31, 2020 
Our comments welcome proposed changes, which will more closely align requirements with other jurisdictions and simplify the task of supervisors.

FSRA Loss Trend Benchmarks for Private Passenger Automobile Major Rate Filings – July 27, 2020 
Our submission asks FSRA to acknowledge that our members’ loss experience may vary from the regulator’s benchmark projections. We argue that flexible pricing models support and encourage an innovative and responsive marketplace.

FSRA Consultation: Auto Insurance Take-All-Comers Rule – June 5, 2020 Our submission looks at how Ontario’s current regulatory environment creates obstacles to a truly competitive marketplace. We suggest solutions to reduce cross-subsidization and improve fairness for customers.

FSRA Innovative Auto Insurance Products-Subscriptions (IAIP-S) – March 31, 2020 Our submission acknowledges FSRA’s responsiveness in creating a new regulatory approach for subscription-based auto insurance. We suggest less detail may need to be provided about the relationships between insurers and mobility companies.

Alberta Automobile Insurance Advisory Committee - March 9, 2020 Our submission seeks a principle-based, outcome-focused regulatory environment that provides motorists with competitive choice and affordable options.

FCNB Consultation Paper - Incidental Selling of Insurance, Restricted Insurance Licensing Regime - January 28, 2020 Our submission addresses the definition of incidental selling, the risks of allowing dealerships to offer replacement cost insurance on new vehicles, and practicality for designated representatives.


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