Direct relationship insurance is the fastest growing segment of the Canadian insurance marketplace.

Canadian consumers want to research, compare and purchase insurance via their computers and handheld devices. As well as shopping online, more consumers want to interact directly with their insurer online.

What do direct relationship insurers provide?

Direct relationship insurers provide end-to-end services and expert advice through their teams of exclusively-licensed insurance professionals. Insurers market, sell and distribute their products to customers online 24/7.

Direct relationship insurers rely on innovative processes and technology-driven solutions to provide Canadians with ease of access, flexibility and efficient advice, sales and service.

What are the benefits of direct relationships?

  • Consumers deal directly with their insurance company, with the choice to call, click or walk-in.
  • Consumers remain in control of the sales process.
  • Consumers have access to fast, cost-effective, and technology-enabled sales and services.
  • Consumers enjoy increased convenience and accessibility to services.

Can I ask CADRI to recommend an insurer?

CADRI does not offer advice or recommendations to the general public. 

We work on behalf of our industry members to enable product and service innovation so that you can easily choose insurance that serves your needs through the delivery channels of your choice. CADRI advocates by seeking flexible and evolving regulatory and legislative frameworks governing automobile, property and commercial insurance. 


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